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Become a premium sponsor or advertiser of KySports.TV and ensure your brand is seen by thousands of sports media members, writers, bloggers, and passionate, engaged fans who like to read about sports on a regular if not daily basis.

KySports.TV is the #1 local sports channel in Kentucky is one of the fastest growing sports communities on the web, one that is viewed by thousands of readers every month and is read regularly by sports media, writers and bloggers, as well as passionate and engaged sports fans who are active in online communities, forums and social networks.

As a result, KySports.TV gives advertisers a unique opportunity to have their product, service and brand seen by sports fans who spread their messages to the internet and social media realm in a viral manner. We will work with you to develop a plan that connects your message to your customers. Targeted delivery allows you to reach your customers the way you want to reach them through our varied products and services.

Here are some benefits to advertising with KySports.TV:

  • Your ad seen on thousands of page views per month.
  • Your brand seen on thousands on videos each week
  • Your brand shared on social media by sports fans
  • Reach thousands of viewers on cable, broadcast & satellite television
  • Reach thousands of cord cutters on Amazon Fire TV & Roku


  TV BROADCAST ONLINE (3x daily/21 plays)*
10 sec commercial+ $25 per play $35/wk
30 sec commercial+ $50 per play $70/wk
1 min commerical+ $75 per play $125/wk
 event title/principal sponsorship call for pricing call for pricing
+must provide qualified video  *price based on monthly prepaid rate
BANNER AD  Monthly Price
(shown on every page)
$600 728×90 (TOP)
$450 300×250 (SIDE)
$300 728×90 (BOTTOM)
Streaming channel installs
Roku 10114
Amazon Fire TV 11772
TOTALS 21886
Social media followers/subscribers Facebook 8159
 (based on main, sub brands, & partner accounts) Twitter 8652
Youtube 900
Instagram 2761


500,000 Twitter impressions monthly
78,000 Youtube Minutes watched monthly
150,000 Website page impressions monthly
3,000 Broadcast TV viewers weekly
500,000 Facebook reach monthly
10,000 Online Streaming tv viewers weekly

*based on First quarter of 2017


WOMEN 56% / MEN 44%
3% 2% 13-17
8% 14% 18-24
10% 11% 25-34
23% 11% 35-44
9% 4% 45-54
3% 1% 55-64
1% 0.51% 65+


KySports.TV has a variety of advertising opportunities available, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information on partnering with our growing network. We will do custom advertising. If you have something in mind, email us and we’ll see if we can work something out.

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