Malik is Making Moves as an Undrafted Free Agent with the Patriots

Ayo, football fans! We’ve got some major news coming your way. Louisville’s own Malik Cunningham just signed an undrafted free agent deal with the New England Patriots. Even though our boy wasn’t picked in the 2023 NFL Draft, he’s still getting his shot at the big leagues, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Now, if you’ve been keeping tabs on Malik, you know he’s been making waves at the University of Louisville. Despite dealing with injuries during the 2022 season, he still managed to show out in 10 games, completing 62.4% of his passes for 1,568 yards and eight touchdowns. And let’s not forget about his skills on the ground – the man rushed for 565 yards and 12 touchdowns!

Malik ain’t just about stats, though. He’s been rewriting Louisville’s history books. With 120 touchdowns responsible for, he’s surpassed Lamar Jackson – yes, the Lamar Jackson – for the most in Louisville history. Not only that, but his 12,848 career yards rank second to Jackson, and his 50 career rushing touchdowns tie with the former Heisman Trophy winner. Talk about black excellence in action!

But you know how it is – it ain’t just about what you’ve done, it’s about what you’re gonna do. Malik’s got his work cut out for him as he steps onto the field with the New England Patriots. But with that raw talent, passion, and determination, we’re confident he’s gonna make us proud.

The Patriots have a history of turning underrated players into stars, and we’re excited to see how our boy Malik fits into that narrative. As he embarks on this new journey, we’ll be watching, supporting, and cheering him on from the sidelines, knowing that he’s representing the community and showcasing black excellence in the NFL.

So, football fam, let’s show some love for Malik Cunningham as he takes the field with the New England Patriots. It’s time for our boy to shine!


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