Opening statement:
“FIU was obviously a great win for our program, great confidence builder for us. I really thought our kids went down there and fought hard, stayed in the game, had some adversity during the game. It was really a test for our staff, our players, our administration for us to go down there and get a tough win. I’m really excited about that and it helps us to try and take the next step. We’ve got a great opponent coming up in Louisville this week down in Nashville, Titans Stadium. It’ll be a great environment and we’re looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to play them.”

On the biggest difference between Game 1 and Game 2:“Finishing, to be completely honest with you. We talked about it all the time that our team wants to get to the last five minutes of the game, that’s where good football teams win in the last five minutes. It felt like in the first week we had positioned ourselves and then we faded away in the last five minutes of the game, or really the whole fourth quarter. But, when we went down to FIU, we knew it was going to be a tough game, our kids had the right mindset that I really think they embraced what we were trying to preach to them about playing hard, committed football, getting to the last five minutes of the game and find a way to go win. We took a big step there.”
On what it means to play in-state rival Louisville:“I think it’s great. I love the atmosphere. I love that we’re going down to Nashville, I love that it’s at Titans Stadium, I love that it’s an in-state opponent. I make no bodes about it, I would love to play a Louisville or Kentucky every year, for nothing more than I think it’s great for the state, for college football. I know that’s not the case, but just the opportunity to play against a really good opponent. They’ve done a great job this year. They’re playing with a lot of confidence and I think their coaches have done a great job of maximizing the guys that are on the field. The quarterback for them is playing really well, playing with a lot of confidence as well. Defensively, they’ve got a lot of talent on the field, they’re pretty fast. It’ll be a great challenge for us. What a great platform, what a great arena to go out there and show them what we can do.”
On what it meant to secure his first career head coaching win:“I was just so happy for our kids to have played a challenging game, beating a tough opponent, how they responded, I was just more happy about that. I haven’t thought much about it being my first win, just those kinds of things. It’s a long season and if you rest on your laurels, you’re going to get your butt beat. I had 24 hours to feel good and now we’re moving on to Louisville. That’s the mentality I’m always going to take.”How to Follow the Hilltoppers: For complete information on WKU Hilltopper Football, follow the program via social media @WKUFootball on Twitter and Facebook.
Bryan Fyalkowski
Associate Director of Media Relations
WKU Hilltopper Athletics


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