– Highlights for Aspire Academy Post Graduate program in Louisville, KY

The Aspire Academy Wizards post graduate basketball squad is loaded with alot of talent! Former Wizard Charles Bassey who was considered one the top recruits in the nation is now playing for Western Kentucky where in just over month of playing on the collegiate level has been named Freshman Player of the Week in Conference USA no less than THREE TIMES and is talked about as a future NBA Draft pick!

Located in Lousiville, KY Aspire Basketball Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission centers around funding student-athletes and providing governance for the academy.

The academy offers three programs:
 Aspire Basketball Academy national high school program with a team of student-athletes who attend Holy Cross High School.
 Aspire Basketball Academy college preparatory program with a team of athletes who attend Spalding University.
 Junior Wizards developmental program which provides basketball skills and training for youth in Louisville.

Interested in Aspire Academy and taking your hoop career to the next level? Log onto: at to get more information today!


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