Mixtape Production

Need a highlight film made from your game footage? KySports.TV offers video editing services at an affordable price that will make your athlete look like a pro that will impress coaches and scouts! We can also help get your highlight reel out to the coaches and people that matter.

We will also feature you and your highlights on our tv show, website, online channels, and partner networks that reached thousands of people each day across the country, ensuring you get noticed by coaches, scouts and fans.

Call us at (502) 627-0570. Or you can also text us for more info and a fast response! To see some of our work goto: http://kysports.tv/tag/radar/

Send us your game film and we will do all the work! You can email us the footage (info@kysports.tv) or send us the DVDs and KySports.TV will take care of the rest.

Just choose the number of games you would like edited, complete the payment and any information to be included such as school info, position, stats, etc as well as a photograph to get started today!

NOTE: Turnaround time is usually two weeks but arrangements can be made for a quicker turnaround.