The University of Louisville swimming and diving team finished first in every race to sweep visiting Xavier in the opening meet of the season. The UofL women won 185-73 and the Cardinal men won 172.5-81.5.  

“It’s always good to get back to racing. It feels like it’s been a long time. It wasn’t long since the summer time, but to be able to get back with this group, with this team,” said Arthur Albiero, UofL head coach.  “A lot of young faces kind of learning. I think that’s the biggest thing we’ve been working on is trying to figure out our race strategies and really, execution. We weren’t too crazy about the times but that wasn’t the focus. The goal today was just to get back to racing and really kind of building a different phase for the season. There’s a lot of information I need to study here, but I’m pleased with the overall effort. I like the attitude of this group. Great leadership, our captains have done a great job. I’m excited to see where this season’s going to take us.”

Louisville started the meet off with a sweep of the opening relays. In the women’s 200 medley relay, Alina Kendzior (25.849), Mariia Astashkina (28.44), Mallory Comerford (24.02) and Casey Fanz (23.19) went 1:41.49 for the win. In the men’s 200 medley relay, the foursome of Nikkos Sofianidis (22.84), Evgenii Somov (24.93), Michael Eastman (22.80 and Matyi Kovacs (24.93)  won the men’s event in 1:31.04.  Nicolas Albiero, (22.59), Chase Sellers (26.94), Tanner Cummings (22.34) and Andrej Barna (19.50) combined for 1:31.37 and second. 

In the 1000 free, Sophie Cattermole led the field with a 10:12.82 followed by Maggie Jahns’ 10:25.06. Emma Kaulfield was the top Musketeer with a 10:42.41. 15   In the men’s race, Marcelo Acosta took top honors with a time of 9:21.55 followed by Graham Barrett (9:27.71) and T.C. Smith (9:28.91) as the Cards took the top three slots.  Nick Mahoney was the top XU finisher with a fifth place time of 10:00.70. 

In the 200 free, Louisville’s Arina Openysheva won with a 1:49.46 and Diana Dunn was second in 1:51.26 and Katie Schorr made it a sweep with 1:53.88.  Emily Saugstad was XU’s top placer with a fifth in 1:58.43.  On the men’s side, freshman Colton Paulson was into the wall first in the 200 free with a time of 1:39.77, just out-touching teammate Sam Steele (1:39.91). Jarrett Jones was third at 1:40.07.  Ben Quon of XU was fourth in 1:43.44. 

Louisville senior Alina Kendzior cruised to the win in the 100 backstroke with a 55.48. Freshman Annette Schultz was second for the Cards, going 57.01 and Ashlynn Schoof was third in 57.08.  Carolina Gaertner was fourth as the Musketeers’ top finisher.  For the men, Nikkos Sofianidis was first in 49.16 followed by Mitchell Whyte, who touched second in 50.04. XU broke up the sweep when Alex Sironen touched third in 52.82. 

Mariia Astashkina bested the field in the 100 breast with a 1:03.49. Newcomer Kaylee Wheeler was second in 1:04.24 and Morgan Friesen completed the sweep with a 1:04.35 for third.  For the men,  Evgenii Somov won the men’s 100 breast with a time of 56.11. Andrej Barna was second in 57.95. XU’s Matthew Dyer was third with a time of 59.90. 

Grace Oglesby put up a 2:00.44 as the winning time in the 200 fly followed by Alena Kraus’ 2:02.72 and Carley Lowe finished the trifecta with a 2:05.14.  Louisville’s Daniel Sos was the top finisher for the Cards in the men’s 200 fly.  T.C. Smith  was second in 1:55.65 and Hayden Curley went 1:58.04 to complete the Cardinal sweep of the top three spots. 

In the 50 free, Mallory Comerford touched the wall first with a 23.12 followed by teammate Avery Braunecker’s 23.82. Casey Fanz made it a sweep with a third place time of 23.88.  XU’s Emily Conners was fourth in 23.90. Louisville went 1-2-3 on the men’s side, Zach Harting won the men’s 50 free in 20.94 with Mihalis Deliyiannis touching second in 20.97. Nicolas Albiero was third in 20.99. 

In the 100 free, UofL’s Katie Schorr bested the field with a 51.11 followed by teammate Casey Fanz’s 51.55 and Annett Schultz’ 51.94 to complete the sweep.  Nicolas Albiero took top honors in the men’s 100 free with a 45.50. Sam Steele was second in 47.31 and Matyi Kovacs was third in 47.38. 

Alina Kendzior made it a sweep of the backstroke events when she touched first in the 200 back in 2:00.87 followed by Diana Dunn (2:03.85) and Ashlynn Schoof (2:04.99).  Louisville’s Nikkos Sofianidis won the men’s race in 1:49.92 almost two seconds ahead of the field beating out Mitchell Whyte (1:51.68) and Jack Wever (1:55.75) who touched second and third respectively. 

In the women’s 500, Arina Openysheva was into the wall first for the Cardinals with a time of 4:56.5. Sophie Cattermole was second in 5:00.59 and XU’s Emma Kauffeld was third in 5:13.43. In the men’s event, Cardinal Marcelo Acosta won the 500 free with a 4:32.03, beating teammate Hayden Curley’s 4:41.42 for second and Colton’s Paulson’s 4:41.79. 

In the women’s 100 fly, Grace Oglesby touched first in 55.12 followed by Cardinal newcomer Alena Kraus’s second place time of 56.80. Nastja Govejsek touched third in 58.07.  Evgenii Somov won the men’s event in 50.29. Andrej Barna was second in 50.40. Mitchell Whyte was third in 51.27.  

Mallory Comerford had the fastest time in  the 50 free in 23.12 followed by teammate Avery Braunecker’s 23.82. Casey Fanz was third in 23.88.  In the men’s 50 free, Zach Harting had the fastest time with a 20.94 followed by Mihalis Deliyiannis’ 20.97 and Nicolas Albiero’s 20.99. 

In 1-meter diving, Molly Fears won with a 314.63, Breann Price boarded a 272.63 and Anika Holland put up a 241.13 for the top three finishers.  In the men’s event, Daniel Pinto had the highest score with a 313.20, with Kivanc Gur coming in second with a 300.30 and Daniel Fecteau posting a 298.43.  Xavier does not have a diving squad so the Cards dove exhibition. 

In the 3-meter diving, Molly Fears was tops with a 313.05 followed by Brianna Price’s 279.60. Annika Holland was third with a 258.23.  For the men, Daniel Pinto was first with a 340.13 and Daniel Fecteau was second with a score of 307.43 and Kivanc Gur was third with a 389.43. 

In the 200 IM, Mallory Comerford put up the fastest time with a 2:03.20. Diana Dunn was second in 2:03.80 and Alina Kendzior had the third fastest time in 2:07.35.  In the men’s event, Daniel Sos had the fastest time with a 1:50.87 followed by Jarrett Jones’ 1:51.30, Nikkos Sofianidis was next in 1:55.83. 

The foursome of Avery Braunecker (51.81), Sophie Cattermole (51.82),  Arina Openysheva (50.08) and Ashlynn Schoof (53.59) put up the fastest time of 3:27.30.  Annette Schultz (51.87), Nastja Govejsek (53.39), Katie Schorr (51.52) and Casey Franz (51.34) combined for a 3:28.12.  For the men, Sam Steele (46.21), Colton Paulson (45.83), Santiago Aguilera (46.56) and Andrej Barna (43.19) combined for a 3:01.79.  Evgenii Somov ( 46.05), Mihalis Deliyiannis (46.67), Michael Eastman (46.74), Nicolas Albiero (45.48) joined forces to put up a 3:04.94.


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