Finishing the day with five NCAA ‘B’ cuts, the University of Louisville Cardinals swimming and diving team defeated the Tar Heels, with the No. 11-ranked Cardinal men winning 241-112 and the No. 3-ranked women winning 209-144 Saturday morning at the Ralph Wright Natatorium.

“I’m pleased with the way we performed today.” said head coach Arthur Albiero. “That was a big challenge to come back from a little bit of a later night last night and then to come back this morning and bring really good energy. I’m please with the way the group performed from beginning to the end, even when the meet was decided. At the end of the day, we are preparing for championship season coming up. The challenge is to continue to progress and I think we saw a lot of those areas and a few more that we need to continue to work on. We always talk about continuing to take steps in the right direction. This is the first time ever we beat the UNC women. It’s a step in the right direction and we have great respect for them. For our men, this is a good group of guys we’ve got going right now. It’s very senior heavy, so we enjoy it and learn from these guys and they did a great job leading the team, men and women, and that’s what a good team has to have – great leadership. We’re definitely getting that right now.”

In the women’s 200-medley relay, Louisville’s ‘A’ team of Alina Kendzior (25.64), Andrea Cottrell (27.40), Abbie Houck (24.43), and Casey Fanz (22.54), finished first with a time of 1:40.01. The Louisville ‘B’ team of Hannah Whiteley (26.92), Avery Braunecker (28.90), Hannah Magnuson (24.23), and Rachel Grooms (23.23), placed third overall with a time of 1:43.28. In the men’s 200-medley relay, Louisville’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams finished first and second, respectively. The ‘A’ team of Grigory Tarasevich (22.40), Carlos Claverie (24.68), David Boland (21.16), and Trevor Carroll (19.67) finished with a time of 1:27.91, while the ‘B’ team of Ryan Massey (23.56), Brennen Berger (25.36), Josh Quallen (21.10), and Andrej Barna (20.08) posted a 1:30.10.

With a final time of 10:06.11 in the women’s 1000-freestyle, Marah Pugh placed first for the Cardinals Finishing fifth in the same event, Maggie Jahns, a freshman, recorded a time of 10:16.02. For the men, the top-two spots were claimed by Marcelo Acosta (9:07.31), in first, and Jarrett Jones (9:20.74) in second place.

Following the longest event of the meet, was the shortest event with the 50-freestyle. The women placed three of the top-5, with Mallory Comerford finishing first with a time of 22.97 which is an NCAA ‘B’ cut. The men placed two of the top-3, with Mark Chernov finishing first with a time of 20.63, and Andrej Barna finishing close second with a time of 20.78.

The women’s 100-backstroke was a nail biter with Alina Kendzior finishing a close second with a time of 54.39, and an NCAA ‘B’ cut. Finishing third was freshman, Sofie Underdahl, with a time of 56.50. The men’s team had the first two spots locked in, with Grigory Tarasevich finishing first, with a time of 45.82, which is a new pool record and an NCAA ‘B’ cut. Aaron Greene followed up, in second place, with a time of 50.21.

In the 200-breaststroke, the Cards had a sweep of the top-3, with Andrea Cottrell (2:12.85) finishing first, followed by Rachael Bradford-Feldman (2:16.72) in second, and Silvia Guerra (2:18.81) finishing third. Andrea Cottrell’s time was an NCAA ‘B’ cut. The men’s team finished first and second, with Carlos Claverie posting a time of 1:59.86, and Todd Owen touching second with a time of 2:02.06.

In the 100-fly, Abigail Houck finished third for the women with a time of 54.80. The men completed another sweep of the top-3 spots led by Josh Quallen (48.91), who just edged David Boland (48.95) after dueling the entire race, with Zach Harting tying for third place with a time of 49.82.

Mallory Comerford got her second win of the morning when she took the women’s 200-freestyle with a time of 1:48.26. Alex Sellers finished third with a time of 1:52.00. The men placed first and third in the same event with Trevor Carroll was into the wall first with a time of 1:37.54 which is an NCAA ‘B’ cut, and Matthias Lindenbauer was third with a time of 1:38.31.

The Cardinals placed two of the top-3 for both men’s and women’s in the 400-IM. Rachael Bradford Feldman finished first with a time of 4:19.53, and Sofie Underdahl finished third with a time of 4:25.36. Jarrett Jones, and Etay Gurevich finished first and second with respective times of 3:56.32 and 3:57.35.

The final event of the meet was the 400-freestyle relay, the women, the ‘A’ team of Rachel Grooms (50.84), Mallory Comerford (49.52), Casey Fanz (49.41), and Abigail Houck (50.17) combined for a time of 3:19.94. The ‘B’ team for the women finished with a total time of 3:28.18. The men’s ‘A’ team of Matthias Lindenbauer (44.91), Trevor Carroll (44.03), Grigory Tarasevich (43.13), and Andrej Barna (44.30) finished with a total time of 2:56.37, while the ‘B’ team of David Boland (45.51), Josh Quallen (45.26), Zach Harting (45.38), and Aaron Greene (45.47) finished third with a time of 3:01.62.

Andrea Acquista finished first overall in the women’s 1-meter diving event, with a final score of 300.45, and Michaela Sliney finished fourth with a score of 263.25. For the men’s 3-meter diving event, Louisville’s Daniel Fecteau finished fouth with a score of 311.85, and Sean Riley finished sixth with a score of 296.93.

The Louisville Cardinals return to action in two weeks when they host the Louisville Invitational at Ralph Wright Natatorium.

Nancy Allison Worley
Associate Director, Sports Information
University of Louisville Athletics