Sports coverage + peer-to-peer payments = Kentucky WINS!

KySportsTV cryptos are tokens designed to provide sports coverage throughout Kentucky, build and empower the community and culture of sports, facilitate peer to peer payments, provide resources for athletes, coaches, teams and sports related programs, endeavors and events, enable loyalty rewards, and build digital assets through NFTs.

KYSPTV – Ethereum Network [ERC20]
KYSP – Polygon Network (No/Low gas fee) [ERC20]

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KySportsTV Crypto Coin

FOUNDER: Anthony Johnson
KYSPTV CONTRACT ADDRESS (ETH): 0x705ad6e3115607759a076cf1f67b30fc07460863 [view on Etherscan]
KYSP CONTRACT ADDRESS (POLY):: 0x403ece85ad254cb86cb7ac4db443e16f8d7aed2a [view on Polygonscan]
TYPE: Ethereum ERC-20 Utility Token
TOTAL TOKENS: 200,000,000,000

KySportsTV is taking things to a new level with the launch of our new cryptocurrency project based on the Ethereum blockchain. This new KySportsTV crypto (KSPTV & KYSP) will facilitate peer to peer exchange, allowing holders to pay for products or to be paid for services in a secure and anonymous way without the need for a third party.

Created by the founder of KySportsTV Anthony Johnson aka “Mista Tony” this digital asset is designed to help build our sports community by funding the cost of providing resources for players, coaches, teams, events and programs throughout the state.

KySportsTV will continue to provide entertainment through various streaming channels and social media, while at the same utilizing our platforms to bring more awareness and ultimately ubiquity in adoption of the cryptocurrency. The future of community building through ecommerce is already here.