Marion County High School Football Records

Football Records

TEAM RECORDS Through the 2010 Season

Most Wins in a Season – 12 – 1987

Most Losses in a Season – 10 – 1976, 1997, 2003

Fewest Wins in a Season – 0- 2003

Fewest Losses in a Season – 2 – 1987, 1992

Most Points Scored in a Game – 69 v. Atherton(1996)

Most Points Allowed in a Game – 83 v. Lincoln Co. (2000)

Biggest Margin of Victory in a Game – 67 pts. v. Taylor Co. (2009)

Biggest Losing Margin in a Game – 76 pts. v. Pulaski Southwestern – 2003

Most Points Scored in a Season – 542 – 2009

Fewest Points Scored in a Season – 50 – 1976

Most Points Allowed in a Season – 455 – 2003

Fewest Points Allowed in a Season – 120 (1984)

Number of Winning Seasons – 20

Number of Losing Seasons – 21

Playoff Appearances – 26

Playoff Record – 8 – 18

Cummulative Won-Lost Record – 209-237-4

Longest Game -Madison Southern – 4 extra periods(2000)

Season Records – 1970(6-3-1), 1971(4-6), 1972(2-8-1), 1973(3-6-1), 1974(2-6-1), 1975(4-7), 1976(1-10), 1977(6-6), 1978(7-5), 1979(4-6), 1980(4-6), 1981(6-5), 1982(8-4), 1983(7-6), 1984(5-6), 1985(7-4), 1986(5-5), 1987(12-2), 1988(9-3), 1989(3-7), 1990(7-4), 1991(4-6), 1992(9-2), 1993(6-5), 1994(2-9), 1995(8-3), 1996(5-6), 1997(1-10), 1998(4-7), 1999(4-7), 2000(1-9), 2001(2-8), 2002(5-5), 2003(0-10), 2004(1-9),2005(5-6), 2006(6-5), 2007(9-3), 2008(9-3), 2009(11-3), 2010 (5-6)P> Coaches’ Records – Tommy Simpson(1970-73) 15-23-3; Jackie Owen(1974-76) 7-23-1; Lewis Cook(1977-80) 21-23; Mark Brown(1981-87) 50-32; Sam Simpson(1988-1992) 32-22; Dave Campbell(1993) 6-5; Mike Griffiths(1994-97) 16-28; Glenn Spalding(1998-99) 8-14; Tom Sullivan(2000-03) 8-32; Jeff Robbins(2004-10)(46-35)


1,000 Yd. Rushers – Keith Brown(1988) 1500;Dylan Peterson(2009) 1400; Bryson Bell (2009) 1375; John Adams(1982) 1353; Ron Railey(1987) 1250; Keith Brown(1987) 1250; David Spalding(1978) 1200;Quentin Calhoun(2002) 1156; Scottie Smith(1990) 1056; Don Ridgeway(1992) 1014

Rushing Yds. in a Game – Don Ridgeway 378(1991)

TD’s Scored in a Game – Don Ridgeway 5(1991) and Quentin Calhoun 5(2002)

Career Rushing Yds – Don Ridgeway 3518

1,000 Yd. Receivers – Anthony Epps 1269 (1992) and Patrick Campbell 1062 (2002)

Receiving Yds. in a Season – Anthony Epps 1269(1992)

Leading Scorer for a Season – Bryson Bell 166(2009)

Longest Punt – Alex Mayo- 62 yds. V. Green Co. (2009)

Most Interceptions in a Season – Anthony Epps and Robby Peterson – 6(1992)

Most Tackles in a Season – Chad Ballard – 236(1993)

Most Tackles in a Game – Mike Masterson – 22(1992)

Career Tackles – Mike Masterson – 405

Longest Field Goal – Mike Jaglowicz – 43 yds. – 1977 v. North Hardin and Bobby Jaglowicz -43 yds. – 1980 v. Jessamine Co.

Best Punt Average – Mike Jaglowicz – 50 punts for 1755 yds./35.1 avg.(1977)

Most TD’s in a Season – Quentin Calhoun 27(2002)

Most Receptions – Anthony Epps – 44(1992)

Most TD Passes in a Game – Tommy Owen 4(1992) and Reggie Calhoun 4(2002)

Most TD Passes in a Season – Tommy Owen 32(1992)

Career TD Passes – Tommy Owen 56

Career Passing Yds. – Tommy Owen 4712

Football History
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With the completion of the 2010 season, MCHS football has been in existence for 41 seasons. The team’s combined won-lost record is 208-237-4. The Knights have won nine district titles (’77, ’78, ’81, ’82, ’83, ’87 ,’92, ’07, ‘09). They also have one conference title(1981) and two regional titles(1987 & 2009). The present coach, Jeff Robbins, is the tenth coach to lead the Knights. Tommy Simpson was the first.

There have been 20 winning seasons and 21 losing seasons, with the 1987 team, under the leadership of Mark Brown, having the best season at 12-2 and also advancing the farthest in the playoffs, the state semi-finals. This was also achieved by the 2009 team under the leadership of Jeff Robbins.

Numerous players have been recognized at the conference, district, regional and state levels. At least eight players have rushed for 1000 yards. Four players have played in the Kentucky-Tennessee All-Star game.

Since 1994, several individuals have been inducted into the Knight Football Hall of Fame. Knight Field became John Boswell Field in the 1990’s because of his generous contributions to the football program at MCHS.


1972 – Terry Bell, Barry Mattingly and Tommy Calhoun

1973 – John Bell, Robbie Wilber and James Grubbs

1974 – George Smalley Robbie Wilber and John Bell

1975 – Richard Smith, George Smalley, Glen Clark, Doug Bell and Sherman Williams

1976 – Terry Mattingly, Doug Bell and Donnie Hazelwood

1977 – Glenn Spalding, David Spalding, Mike Jaglowicz, Mark and Mike Smith

1978 – David Spalding, Glenn Spalding, Stan Lee and Tommy Smith

1979 – Mitchell Clark, Anthony Parrott, Paul Southall

1980 – Keith Smith, Bob Jaglowicz and Greg Mills

1981 – Mark Smith, Mike Wright, Tim Peterson, Scott Browning, Charles Lancaster and Jo Jo Calhoun

1982 – Mike Wright and John Adams

1985 – Kevin Farmer, Herbie Miller, Tim Washington, Lee Calhoun and Scott Cambron

1986 – Corey Means, Tony Tonge, Brian Thomas and Greg Caldwell

EAST-WEST ALL-STARS – Mike Jaglowicz – 1977

KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE ALL-STARS – Tommy Owen(1993), Quincy Bell(1994), Gordon Bramel(1995) and George Sickles(1996)

ALL-REGION – Joe Darrell Wise, David Knopp and Shavar Cowherd (1999), Jay Grundy(2000)

ALL-DISTRICT – Eric Washington, Gordon Bramel, Mike Flowers, Corey Crume, Wayne Sickles, Mike Dow and Danny Railey(1995), Jason Clark, Scott Higdon and Alan George(2000), Jon Keen, Reggie Calhoun and Quentin Calhoun(2001), Josh Buck, Mark Williams and Robert Todd Spalding(2004), Josh Buck, Kyle Osbourne, Robert Todd Spalding and Mark Williams(2005). Robert Todd Spalding, Tyran Gray, Josh Buck, Adam Blair (2006), Elliott Hazelwood, Mitchell Lancaster, Jake Thompson, Alex Mattingly, Quan Calhoun, Cody Peterson ( 2007 ), Wes Stayton, Dustin Crane, Mark Corbett, Eric Miles, Robby Burch, David Litsey, Chris Means, Dylan Peterson, Bryson Bell (2008). Wes Stayton, Dustin Crane, Derrick Mattingly, Timmy Dawson, Mark Corbett, Dylan Peterson, Bryson Bell, Valis Mudd, Dylan Caldwell, Kendall Taul ( 2009 ).

MVP – Bill Buckler(1970); Tommy Parrott(1971); Terry Bell(1972); John Bell(1973); John Bell and George Smalley(1974); Richard Smith and George Smalley(1975); Doug Bell and Donnie Hazelwood(1976); David Spalding, Mike Smith, Glenn Spalding and Mike Jqaglowicz(1977); David Spalding, Jerry Peterson, Glenn Spalding and Stan Lee(1978); Paul Southall, Mitchell Clark and Anthony Parrott(1979); Keith Smith, Greg Mills and Bob Jaglowicz(1980); John Adams, Doug Hughes and George Hayden(1981); John Adams, Doug Hughes and Frank Porter(1982); Lee Lee Calhoun, Lamont Kendrick, Curtis Hayden and John Gunn(1984); Tim Washington and Lee Calhoun(1985); Tony Tonge, Brian Thomas, Richard Spalding and Corey Means(1986); Ron Railey, Keith Brown, Richard Spalding and Reggie Gaither(1987); Keith Brown, Tony Young, Stacy Calhoun and Scott Greenwell(1988); Chris O’Daniel and Don Ridgeway(1989); Joseph Spalding, Marshall Paige, Mike McIlvoy and Mike Clark(1990); Don Ridgeway, Roger Pittman, Mike Clark, Joseph Spalding and Ray Soctt(1991); Tommy Owen(1992); Tommy Owen and Tian Smalley(1993); Quincy Bell(1994); Gordon Bramel and Corey Crume(1995); George Sickles(1996); Sammy Knopp and Ronnie Spalding(1997); David Knopp(1998); David Knopp and Shavar Cowherd(1999); Soctt Higdon(2000); Reggie Calhoun(2001); Reggie Calhoun(2002); Todd Buckman(2003); Josh Buck, Terry Yates and Matthew Owen(2004); Mitchell Lancaster, Robert Todd Spalding and Mark Williams (2005). No MVP has been given since 2005.

HALL OF FAME – Bill Buckler Jr., Glenn Spalding, Tommy Simpson, Tommy Parrott, Charles Lancaster, David Spalding, John Adams, Jimmy Higdon, Keith Brown and George Hayden(1994); Benita and Donnie Leathers, Joe Bell and Jackie Owen(1995); Mark Smith, Mark Brown, Greg Murphy, Ike Owen, Arlene and Donald Ball(1996); Vic Peterson, Greg Mills, Ron Railey, Danny Owen and Dr. Salem George(1997); Lewis Cook and Mike Masterson(1999); Don Ridgeway, Rick Smith and Charles Lancaster Jr.(2000); Tommy Owen and Anthony Epps(2002); Dave Hourigan, Bobby Jaglowicz and Ernest Taylor(2003); Gordon Bramel and Stan Lee(2004); Tommy Smith and Corey Crume(2005).

Individual Honors

Jonas Murrell – Summer 2004 – Defensive Award(University of Michigan Camp) and Defensive Lineman MVP(University of Miami Camp)

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