No Tide No! Elam chooses Kentucky and BBN!


It seems like it has been years but after 26 days The University of Kentucky got the commitment they wanted on Thursday from Matt Elam, one of the biggest recruits in the nation and one of the most touted and talented recruits since Tim Couch and Dennis Johnson to join the program.

Elam, an All-American offensive tackle, a 5 star OT by 24/7 sports and #3 OT in the nation compared to a 4 star recruit by Scout, and the number 11 OT in the nation announced that the decision would come at the U.S Army senior Bowl in Texas.

Elam felt the timing wasn’t right and was uncertain of the future so Matt decided to sit down with family, decide which school fits him and his family best and announce the decision in the John Hardin school library.

To most that decision is or was a no brainer. Alabama, the team who has won 2 of the last 4 title games and high profile coach Nick Saban or Kentucky, a struggling SEC team that went 2-10 in Mark Stoops first season.

The 6’5″ 370 lb offensive tackle from John Hardin shocked the world choosing Stoops and the Wildcats Thursday in the John Hardin library.

It was no secret Elam’s mother wanted Matt to attend Alabama but with the class Stoops and company has amassed for 2014 Elam and other recruits like Drew Barker believe now is when the University of Kentucky can also be known for the football instead of historically being a basketball school.

Elam, an offensive tackle and historically one of the highest ranking recruits in Kentucky history should help other talented players in Kentucky stay in state to play ball instead of leaving.

Elam’s decision comes on the heels of a 110 million dollar renovation of Commonwealth Stadium and with private donations totaling 45 million to go towards new practice facilities and new practice fields for the program it looks as if UK football is headed upwards.

After the 2-10 season Mark Stoops has won salesman/recruiter of the year by not only getting the donations to the program at a school known for its hoops but also amassing a top 20 recruiting class.

Cats fans if this doesn’t turn things around on the turf, nothing will. It’s no secret that Rich Brooks voiced his opinion that UK would never contend without money to the program and by all means coach Brooks was correct.

As for expectations for next season don’t expect the Cats to win 7or8 games. The coaching staff needs time to develop and coach up the newcomers and welcome them to the SEC, where the big boys play. So give the program time and be optimistic because let’s be honest, it can’t get much worse.