Worth The Weight of Gold


Locals faced a wet and windy day that had a sunken boat, stuck boat, and a weigh in that will never be forgotten. Mark Brown from Woodlawn Baptist Church held their annual fishing tournament Saturday May 10th 2014 at Fagan Branch Lake located in Calvary Kentucky. Already facing a forecast filled with rain and possible high winds 7 boats hit the water chasing the prize money and bragging rights of being the best fisherman on a day that only happens in the Bluegrass. Brown patiently waited to crown the champion but had no idea that less than a half ounce would claim first place. After calculating weights from the two top boats, Brown named local Jason Spalding the winner with 4lbs 1 ounce. Spalding, not planning on fishing the tournament due to having planned the Mid Ky Bass Angler’s Kid’s day at Sportsman’s lake(also in Calvary KY) ┬ásigned up after canceling the event due to weather. Spalding who caught nearly 40 fish(most of all of them in the slot limit)┬átargeted post spawn feeders. Thus why no big females. Spalding ┬átargeted bass on feeding flats in 6-8 foot of water. Throwing a topwater popper and a drop shot with a trick worm, 6″ leader, 1/8 ounce finesse weight. Jason during they day was fishing grass lines on the flats, when the bait would come through the grass, the fish would inhale it.He said,” Small differences in the lake made a difference as well. I caught 8 fish off 1 small rock pile on the flat.” Only one thing was smaller than the differences in the lake and that occurred at the weigh in. At 2 pm EST a heavy rain hit the tent along with gusts of strong wind making it a tough task for Brown to get official weights. After calculating twice Brown crowned Spalding as the winner of the annual tournament by less than an ounce.