Owensboro Wins ’15 KY Boy’s State Hoops Title


Owensboro state champs
Bowling Green and Owensboro faced off in the Boy’s Sweet Sixteen Sunday afternoon. Owensboro dominated  the entire game and became the 2015 Whitaker Bank/KHSAA Boy’s Sweet 16 champion with a score of 74-58. From the beginning the Red Devil’s defense caused Bowling Green problems.

Owensboro high school red devils Justin Miller and Aric Holman dominated the game. The 6’9″ Holman had 20 points, 14 rebounds and 8 blocks and 6’7″ Miller had 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists and was awarded tournament MVP honors. Miller played through an injured groin and said he was at 35% and thanked God for everything.

Miller managed to dominate the paint with 7 points in the first 8 minutes of play while laboring up and down the court.

Miller showed courage and determination and said he couldn’t let his brothers down.

Miller received an offer from Coppin State Saturday before dominating the title game through injury. Look for other offers to follow.

owensboro high school

Owensboro’s matchup zone with Aric Holman on the back line confused Bowling Green in the first 6 minutes of play  leading to a 10 point lead, 13-3. Holman has been blocking and altering shots all week.

Bowling Green shot 9 of 30 until Tucker Sine and Wilson hit a few big shots to combine for 7 in the first period. Owensboro lead after one, 16-12.

In the second period Deangelo Wilson and Terry Taylor turned on scoring buckets to cut the lead to 22-19.

Dillon Samford nailed a triple to extend the lead to 4, 25-21 with 1:06 left in the half. Aric Holman then scored a bucket leading to a 27-23 Owensboro on top of Bowling Green.

Leading scorers at halftime Owensboro’s Dylan Samford  8 and Bowling Green’s bench  9. Deangelo Wilson and Justin Miller both had 7 apiece.

Bowling Green shot 30%9-30 from the field in the first half. Owensboro shot 45.5% 10-22.

Owensboro extended the lead to 36-26 with under 5 minutes of play in the 3rd quarter with great play from Kylan Sanford and Aric Holman. Morrow with help from Sanford poured it on giving Owensboro its biggest lead 41-26.

Owensboro High School Justin Miller scored 4 straight to lengthen the lead to 47-31 giving him 11 in 14 minutes of play. The big man still dominated with the injury. Miller owned the paint.

The Red Devil’s continued to dominate going into the 4th quarter with a 49-33 lead.

Dylan Sanford owned the beginning of the 4th quarter by having 20 points with 6:12 on the clock. Aric Holman then converted the and 1 giving him 15 and the Red Devils a 20 point lead 59-39.
Owensboro vs. Trinity

Bowling Green made a run with excellent play from Terry Taylor and cut the lead to 14, 63-49 with 2:55 remaining. Aric Holman answered with a bucket of his own. Bowling Green’s Tucker Sine fired back with a deep 3 to make the score 65-52 with 2:06 remaining.

Under the two-minute mark Owensboro kept its composure by protecting the ball and sinking free throws.

Sanford finished the game with 21 and Aric Holman had 20.Congratulations to Coach Rod Drake and the Owensboro Red Devil’s for being the 2015 Whitaker Bank/KHSAA Boy’s Sweet 16 Champions.

Congratulations to both teams on a great year.

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