2015 State AAU Reflections

May 8th through the 10th the KBA hosted the 2015 Kentucky State AAU Championships. I had the opportunity to watch the whole event and wanted to give my reflections on the tournament.
First off I want to congratulate the winners of each division.
17U/11th Grade- Charlotte Court
16U/10th Grade- MATTS Mustangs
15U/9th Grade- Louisville Magic
My Reflections
1. The KBA put on a great event again this year and I want to thank them for helping the kids and programs get the attention they deserve.
1A. The drama the 16U semifinals and finals had. The MATTS MUSTANGS won on buzzer beaters. In the final against the Louisville Magic the Mustangs nailed a 3 at the buzzer to win the championship. Nothing like great basketball and this weekend was filled with those moments.
2. I was impressed with the talent level at the tournament and it speaks volumes about our in state kids. Kentucky is the home of basketball and to produce talent like we are now is amazing.
3. I want to thank everyone that came up and said the kind words as well as the people on Twitter helping us get as many scores out as possible. We appreciate all our fans.
4. All the programs, coaches, and kids were top notch. I know there were a few incidents but overall everyone was very respectful.
5. Some players that caught my eye were Deandre Dishman, Isiah Tisdale, Quentin Goodin, Eric Powell, Danny Butts, Mason Faulkner, Jared Farris, Tyler Sharpe, Perry Ayers, Kobe Garrett, Wade Liford and Steven Fitzgerald. I can’t name them all and I know I’ve left out many and I’m sorry but that’s a good thing and speaks volumes about the direction of basketball in Kentucky.
6. I was very impressed by the 16U Travelers who played in the 17U Division. Coach S sand the crew made it to the quarterfinals and was put out by Charlotte Court.
7. Runner up in 17U, Team Manimal’s intense play on defense was really impressive. Their full court press is a staple to their play and their kids give it all every second on the court.
8. Some parents may have been out of line yelling at refs and coaches but I don’t have a kid on the court so I don’t know that feeling. I think you should trust your coach and refs have a hard job. They are human and make mistakes. To be a basketball fan, be unbiased, and make both teams happy is impossible. I couldn’t do it and I give them respect.
9. It was great to see all the mothers Sunday and I hope every mother enjoyed their day. You deserve more than one day for what you do for your kids and families.
11. I want to thank my colleagues as well as other members of the media for working with us and getting out the information to help the kids get their deserved recognition. This is about the kids and should be.
12. I enjoyed all 3 days and meeting everyone that I did as well as the kids and families I got to work with. It means a lot to me to ultimately help change a kid’s life. That’s what www.kybasketball.tv is about.
13. I want to thank the college coaches who showed up to watch the kids. I got to meet them and talk about the Kentucky kids. Kentucky Wesylan, Trevecca, & IUC were on hand.

14. If you didn’t play or attend State this year mark it on your Calender for next year. Intense, exciting, great hoops and people.

Like I said I enjoyed the 2015 Kentucky State AAU championship.Everything was on point, the games, venues, and the people not on the court. It was a great atmosphere for hoops.
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