HS Basketball SCORES/SCHEDULES District Tournaments – Feb 21, 2023


Scores and schedules for high school girls and boys district tournament play across the state.


Monday, February 20, 2023
Carlisle County75vs. Fulton City401st District
McCracken County87vs. Community Christian (Paducah)482nd District
Murray83vs.Christian Fellowship
(at Marshall County)
524th District
Christian County80vs. Fort Campbell318th District
Hopkinsville55vs.University Heights
(at Christian County)
528th District
Franklin-Simpson56vs.Logan County
(at Todd County Central)
4013th District
Metcalfe County62vs. Cumberland County5016th District
LaRue County58at Hart County4318th District
Nelson County71vs.Thomas Nelson
(at Bardstown)
4119th District
Beth Haven101at Valley3221st District
North Bullitt61at Bullitt Central6023rd District
Shawnee57vs.Portland Christian
(at Central)
4625th District
Atherton60vs. Seneca5627th District
Collins63vs.Shelby County
(at Woodford County)
4130th District
Trimble County70vs. Carroll County6431st District
(double overtime)
Ryle75vs.Heritage Academy
(at Cooper)
5633rd District
Villa Madonna59vs.Ludlow
(at St. Henry)
5634th District
(at Highlands)
4936th District
Mason County43vs. Bracken County3839th District
Franklin County81vs.Frankfort Christian
(at Western Hills)
4941st District
Bryan Station62vs.Henry Clay
(at Frederick Douglass)
5342nd District
Paul Laurence Dunbar62vs.Lafayette
(at Lexington Catholic)
4043rd District
Madison Central75vs.Model
(at Eastern Kentucky University)
2844th District
Danville63vs.Danville Christian
(at Lincoln County)
6145th District
Garrard County77vs.Kentucky School f/t Deaf
(at Lincoln County)
2145th District
Trinity Christian68at Burgin5846th District
Oneida Baptist Institute78vs.Red Bird
(at North Laurel)
2349th District
Wolfe County53vs.Jackson City
(at Breathitt County)
4255th District
(at East Ridge)
3559th District
Belfry77vs. Phelps5060th District
Fleming County71vs. Menifee County4061st District
Ashland Blazer89vs.Rose Hill Christian
(at Boyd County Middle School)
3164th District
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Fulton Countyvs.Fulton County
(at Carlisle County)
7:30 PM 1st District
Paducah Tilghmanvs.St. Mary
(at McCracken County)
7:30 PM 2nd District
Graves Countyvs.Ballard Memorial
(at Mayfield)
7:30 PM 3rd District
Calloway Countyat Marshall County7:30 PM 4th District
Lyon Countyat Livingston Central6:00 PM 5th District
Crittenden Countyvs.Trigg County
(at Livingston Central)
7:30 PM 5th District
Union Countyat Webster County6:30 PM 6th District
Madisonville-North Hopkinsvs.Dawson Springs
(at Hopkins County Central)
6:00 PM 7th District
Caldwell Countyat Hopkins County Central7:30 PM 7th District
Owensboro Catholicvs.Apollo
(at Owensboro)
7:00 PM 9th District
Muhlenberg Countyat McLean County6:00 PM 10th District
Hancock Countyat Cloverport5:30 PM 11th District
Meade Countyvs.Breckinridge County
(at Cloverport)
7:00 PM 11th District
Grayson Countyat Edmonson County6:00 PM 12th District
Butler Countyvs.Trinity (Whitesville)
(at Edmonson County)
7:30 PM 12th District
Russellvilleat Todd County Central7:30 PM 13th District
Warren Centralat Greenwood6:00 PM 14th District
Bowling Greenvs.South Warren
(at Greenwood)
7:30 PM 14th District
Barren Countyvs.Allen County-Scottsville
(at Warren East)
6:00 PM 15th District
Monroe Countyvs.Clinton County
(at Metcalfe County)
7:30 PM 16th District
John Hardinvs.Fort Knox
(at Elizabethtown)
7:00 PM 17th District
Cavernavs.Green County
(at Hart County)
7:00 PM 18th District
Nelson Countyvs.Washington County
(at Bardstown)
7:30 PM 19th District
Beth Havenvs.Pleasure Ridge Park
(at Valley)
7:30 PM 21st District
(at Doss)
5:30 PM 22nd District
(at Doss)
7:30 PM 22nd District
(at Bullitt Central)
6:00 PM 23rd District
North Bullittvs.Evangel Christian
(at Bullitt Central)
7:30 PM 23rd District
Fern Creekvs.Whitefield Academy
(at Jeffersontown)
5:30 PM 24th District
Bullitt Eastat Jeffersontown7:00 PM 24th District
St. Xaviervs.Brown
(at Male)
5:30 PM 26th District
Louisville Collegiateat Male7:00 PM 26th District
(at Christian Academy-Louisville)
6:00 PM 28th District
Kentucky Country Dayat Christian Academy-Louisville7:30 PM 28th District
Oldham Countyvs.South Oldham
(at North Oldham)
7:30 PM 29th District
Collinsvs.Spencer County
(at Woodford County)
8:00 PM 30th District
Eminencevs.Henry County
(at Trimble County)
7:30 PM 31st District
Williamstownat Simon Kenton7:00 PM 32nd District
Calvary Christianat Campbell County6:00 PM 37th District
Scottvs.Bishop Brossart
(at Campbell County)
7:30 PM 37th District
Harrison Countyat Robertson County7:00 PM 38th District
Augustavs.St. Patrick
(at Mason County)
7:30 PM 39th District
George Rogers Clarkat Bourbon County6:00 PM 40th District
Montgomery Countyvs.Paris
(at Bourbon County)
7:30 PM 40th District
Franklin Countyvs.Great Crossing
(at Western Hills)
7:30 PM 41st District
Bryan Stationat Frederick Douglass8:00 PM 42nd District
Paul Laurence Dunbarat Lexington Catholic8:00 PM 43rd District
Madison Southernvs.Berea
(at Eastern Kentucky University)
8:00 PM 44th District
Somersetvs.Rockcastle County
(at Pulaski County)
6:00 PM 47th District
Casey Countyat Pulaski County7:30 PM 47th District
McCreary Centralat Somerset Christian School7:00 PM 48th District
(at South Laurel)
6:00 PM 50th District
Whitley Countyat South Laurel7:30 PM 50th District
Barbourvillevs.Lynn Camp
(at Pineville)
7:00 PM 51st District
Harlan Countyat Middlesboro6:00 PM 52nd District
Harlanvs.Bell County
(at Middlesboro)
7:30 PM 52nd District
Leslie Countyvs.Hazard
(at Perry County Central)
7:00 PM 54th District
Powell Countyat Owsley County6:00 PM 56th District
Estill Countyvs.Lee County
(at Owsley County)
8:00 PM 56th District
Magoffin Countyat Paintsville7:00 PM 57th District
Betsy Laynevs.Prestonsburg
(at Lawrence County)
6:30 PM 58th District
Floyd Centralat Lawrence County8:00 PM 58th District
Shelby Valleyat East Ridge8:00 PM 59th District
Rowan Countyvs.Bath County
(at Fleming County)
7:30 PM 61st District
East Cartervs.Elliott County
(at Morgan County)
6:30 PM 62nd District
(at Lewis County Middle School)
7:00 PM 63rd District
Boyd Countyvs.Fairview
(at Boyd County Middle School)
7:00 PM 64th District


Monday, February 20, 2023
Fulton County47vs.Fulton City
(at Carlisle County)
431st District
McCracken County85vs. Community Christian (Paducah)192nd District
Marshall County49vs. Murray434th District
Crittenden County70vs.Lyon County
(at Livingston Central)
495th District
Livingston Central42vs. Trigg County265th District
Webster County49vs. Union County266th District
Hopkins County Central65vs. Dawson Springs407th District
Madisonville-North Hopkins72vs.Caldwell County
(at Hopkins County Central)
437th District
Owensboro53vs. Apollo449th District
Owensboro Catholic68vs.Daviess County
(at Owensboro)
449th District
McLean County43vs. Ohio County3910th District
Breckinridge County70vs.Hancock County
(at Cloverport)
5711th District
Meade County69at Cloverport311th District
Butler County70vs.Trinity (Whitesville)
(at Edmonson County)
4212th District
Edmonson County66vs. Grayson County4212th District
(at Todd County Central)
4713th District
Bowling Green63vs.Warren Central
(at Greenwood)
2614th District
Greenwood48vs. South Warren4514th District
Barren County56at Warren East2215th District
Glasgow53vs.Allen County-Scottsville
(at Warren East)
5115th District
Metcalfe County58vs. Cumberland County3916th District
John Hardin75vs. Fort Knox1617th District
Hart County69vs. Caverna2818th District
Washington County48vs.Thomas Nelson
(at Bardstown)
3819th District
Beth Haven61vs.Fairdale
(at Valley)
2321st District
Butler77at Doss522nd District
(at Doss)
3622nd District
Bullitt East54vs.Whitefield Academy
(at Jeffersontown)
4824th District
Mercy78vs.Fern Creek
(at Jeffersontown)
3024th District
(at Central)
3725th District
(at Male)
1726th District
Male77vs. Louisville Collegiate1326th District
Sacred Heart75vs.Highlands Latin
(at Atherton)
627th District
(at Christian Academy-Louisville)
3428th District
Collins35at Woodford County2030th District
Henry County40at Trimble County2831st District
Simon Kenton66vs. Walton-Verona4732nd District
Ludlow64vs.Villa Madonna
(at St. Henry)
2834th District
(at Highlands)
5136th District
Bishop Brossart53at Campbell County4637th District
Nicholas County57at Harrison County2538th District
Pendleton County68vs.Robertson County
(at Harrison County)
3438th District
Bracken County55at Mason County4439th District
George Rogers Clark65at Bourbon County1440th District
Montgomery County67vs.Paris
(at Bourbon County)
4640th District
Scott County57vs.Sayre
(at Frederick Douglass)
4842nd District
Paul Laurence Dunbar45vs.Lexington Christian
(at Lexington Catholic)
4243rd District
Madison Central74vs.Model
(at Eastern Kentucky University)
2444th District
Lincoln County58vs. Garrard County4245th District
Pulaski County65vs. Casey County4947th District
Somerset58vs.Rockcastle County
(at Pulaski County)
5047th District
McCreary Central45vs.Wayne County
(at Somerset Christian School)
4448th District
(at South Laurel)
4450th District
South Laurel77vs. Whitley County3050th District
Knox Central67vs.Barbourville
(at Pineville)
3651st District
Pineville64vs. Lynn Camp2151st District
Bell County63at Middlesboro2252nd District
Harlan County59vs.Harlan
(at Middlesboro)
4552nd District
Hazard65at Perry County Central6254th District
Leslie County54vs.Buckhorn
(at Perry County Central)
4254th District
Breathitt County69vs. Jackson City2155th District
Estill County60vs.Powell County
(at Owsley County)
4756th District
Owsley County69vs. Lee County3356th District
Martin County66vs.Magoffin County
(at Paintsville)
4857th District
Paintsville44vs. Johnson Central4157th District
Floyd Central82vs.Prestonsburg
(at Lawrence County)
4958th District
Lawrence County71vs. Betsy Layne3858th District
Pikeville95at East Ridge2459th District
Pike County Central58vs.Phelps
(at Belfry)
5160th District
Fleming County53vs. Menifee County4161st District
Elliott County54vs.West Carter
(at Morgan County)
4962nd District
Morgan County76vs. East Carter3562nd District
Lewis County42vs. Greenup County3763rd District
Russell60vs.Raceland(at Lewis County)3663rd District
Ashland Blazer64vs.Fairview
(at Boyd County Middle School)
1264th District
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Hickman Countyat Carlisle County6:00 PM 1st District
Paducah Tilghmanvs.St. Mary
(at McCracken County)
6:00 PM 2nd District
Ballard Memorialat Mayfield6:00 PM 3rd District
Calloway Countyvs.Christian Fellowship
(at Marshall County)
6:00 PM 4th District
Fort Campbellat Christian County6:00 PM 8th District
Hopkinsvillevs.University Heights
(at Christian County)
7:30 PM 8th District
Logan Countyat Todd County Central6:00 PM 13th District
Clinton Countyvs.Monroe County
(at Metcalfe County)
6:00 PM 16th District
Green Countyvs.LaRue County
(at Hart County)
5:30 PM 18th District
Washington Countyvs.Bethlehem
(at Bardstown)
6:00 PM 19th District
Taylor Countyvs.Campbellsville
(at Marion County)
6:30 PM 20th District
Adair Countyat Marion County8:00 PM 20th District
Beth Havenvs.Pleasure Ridge Park
(at Valley)
6:00 PM 21st District
Shawneevs.DuPont Manual
(at Central)
5:30 PM 25th District
Portland Christianat Central7:00 PM 25th District
Oldham Countyat North Oldham6:00 PM 29th District
Collinsvs.Anderson County
(at Woodford County)
6:30 PM 30th District
Gallatin Countyvs.Eminence
(at Trimble County)
6:00 PM 31st District
Boone Countyat Cooper6:00 PM 33rd District
(at Cooper)
7:45 PM 33rd District
Ludlowvs.Dixie Heights
(at St. Henry)
5:30 PM 34th District
Lloyd Memorialat St. Henry7:30 PM 34th District
Beechwoodat Notre Dame7:00 PM 35th District
Bellevueat Highlands6:00 PM 36th District
Newport Central Catholicvs.Newport
(at Highlands)
7:45 PM 36th District
Augustavs.St. Patrick
(at Mason County)
6:00 PM 39th District
Franklin Countyvs.Frankfort
(at Western Hills)
6:00 PM 41st District
Scott Countyat Frederick Douglass6:00 PM 42nd District
Paul Laurence Dunbarat Lexington Catholic6:00 PM 43rd District
Madison Southernvs.Berea
(at Eastern Kentucky University)
6:30 PM 44th District
Danvilleat Lincoln County6:00 PM 45th District
Danville Christianvs.Boyle County
(at Lincoln County)
7:30 PM 45th District
Mercer Countyat Burgin6:00 PM 46th District
West Jessaminevs.East Jessamine
(at Burgin)
7:30 PM 46th District
Oneida Baptist Instituteat North Laurel6:00 PM 49th District
Jackson Countyvs.Clay County
(at North Laurel)
7:30 PM 49th District
Knott County Centralvs.June Buchanan
(at Alice Lloyd College)
6:00 PM 53rd District
Letcher County Centralvs.Cordia
(at Alice Lloyd College)
7:30 PM 53rd District
Jenkinsvs.Shelby Valley
(at East Ridge)
6:30 PM 59th District
Rowan Countyvs.Bath County
(at Fleming County)
6:00 PM 61st District