Reality Hits As Senior Night Has Come To Campbellsville University

CU Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams once again have come to the end of the regular season for the year. Along with the end of season, comes the end of some athletic careers for the CU tigers.

CU women’s soccer said good bye to five seniors as Toria Alsip, Brandie Hagerman, Savanna Stephens, Jessica Ralph and Bailey McDonough took the field at home Saturday night for the last time.

“Senior night didn’t hit me like I thought it would,” said Ralph. “I treated it like a big game, but I know that I will be much more emotional when it’s truly my final game of the season.”

Unfortunately for the defensive player, Stephens was unable to participate in the game on Saturday due to a concussion from a previous game. Her friends, family, and fans all still came out to support the lady tiger as she stood with her team on the field.

“It meant the world to me to have support from my friends and family on senior night even though I unable to play,” said Stephens. “The girls on the team were very condoling when I receive the news about not playing senior night. My family has been so supportive of my soccer career over the last 16 years, and for that, I’m so thankful.”

Even though Stephens’ wasn’t playing the CU lady tigers commanded a huge win beating Bryan College 5-0.

As life and the real world turns its head, the five seniors are quickly realizing what Campbellsville University Women’s Soccer has meant to them.

“As a player the most important thing I wish to leave behind is the image of a great character,” said McDonough. “After four years of hard work I hope the girls and coaching staff retain the memory of me as an individual with class both on and off the

“Senior night didn’t hit me like I thought it would,” said Ralph. “I treated it like a big game, but I know that I will be much more emotional wen its truly my final game of the season.”

The five Lady Tiger seniors will be dearly missed by the University, their teammates, and their student fans.

CU men’s soccer also said good bye to their seniors Wednesday night as the boys took the field for the last regular season home game. Seniors Tomas Arocha, John Kennedy, Camilo Roman, Dru Sin, Aaron Steele and Cody Clark were escorted onto the field to be commemorated and recognized for their years here as CU men’s soccer player.

Already a special night to begin with, this night had perfect touch on it for Scotland native, John Kennedy, by being surprised by his parents on his senior night.

“It means everything to me that they were here for senior night,” said Kennedy. “I don’t play for me. I love the game but I play it for them and my family over anything. Everything I do is for them, and they’ve done everything for me. I’m so thankful.”

Also a little bit more a special night for Tomas Arocha, as this was his second senior night here at Campbellsville University. Thinking last year was going to be his last year playing for the team as he graduated in May, Arocha made the decision to continue on in school and get his masters here at the Univeristy and play his forth year of eligibility.

“It’s been a privilege to be able to play on this team for a full two four years,” says Arocha. “I wouldn’t have traded it for the world and have made some of the best memories here at Campbellsville. I wish the boys the best of luck as the years continue.”

The boys ended senior night on a great note by beating University of the Cumberlands 3-0.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but with the memories these CU tigers have made and experience here at the university will never be forgotten by their teammates, fans and friends.

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