Heart Attack Cats


Across the bluegrass state  pharmacists are refilling blood pressure meds after The University of Kentucky had the BBN in panic mode after being down 9 and 6 with less than 7 minutes remaining in the closely contested game versus a mediocre Georgia Bulldogs team. With  Ashley Judd in the house (first time all year) and T.V. ratings second to only UNC Duke game a few weeks ago, many basketball fans, UK or not, wanted to witness this special group of unselfious stars make a comeback and stay undefeated with a 72-64 score

The Cats are great no doubt but put the BBN in situations where some took showers, paced back and forth, left the room, and some even had on the same underwear they’ve worn all year for “mojo”. Believe in it or not but the “mojo” is 30-0!

No matter the opponent this team seems to never panick even if the fans do. Aaron Harrison scored 7 points in 23 seconds and then the Cats turned up the defensive pressure and held Georgia to 2 points in the final minutes.(from the free throw line)

Willie looked as if he were lost for 36 minutes then became himself. Andrew Harison and Ulis played well at the point and Karl Towns and the other bigs held their own in the paint as usual. Once the Cats figured out the 3-2 zone the Bulldogs showed the Cats they seemed comfortable and lackadazial at times but when it came time to crap or get off the pot the Cats did what they did all year. Play lock down D and get in the paint and get to the line.

“It’s everyone’s Super Bowl when we come to town.” Coach Cal always states and coaches always throw a sagging zone at the Cats to make them beat them shooting jumpers. So far the Cats have shot well enough and their defense will always keep them in the game no matter how ugly the game may seem. For those who say they need to lose a game to learn from it that’s a load of bull because these young men have been in every situation and have the composure to not panick and play their style of ball. No one wants to lose and after last night if you don’t believe that then you never will.

The Cats now 30-0 play Florida atj home to try to be the first in the power 5 conferences to go undefeated since Bobby Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers.